We build softwares for you

For any ICT problems facing whether government sectors, private sectors or an individual we are here to build softwares that will offer solution which satisfy your needs.

Unique Features

Do you wonder what makes us different from others?
Here is our company unique features.

Customer Services

Every interaction is an opportunity to us.

Each time we engage with a customer, we’re building a bigger picture of their needs, and expectations. With an omnichannel view, we can interact everywhere – so we get to know them better and better.

Deployment in Time

A simple way to make a difference. We deliver your software on business time no delay.

24/7 Help and Support

We have the call center representative, it is our job to make you feel at easy from the minute when you say hello to us.

Affordable Maintenance

We offer maintenance Services to our products that we produce for a period of 1 year and affordable price after the end of that period

Our Services

Integrity, partnership, reliability, performance—it matters and we're very proud to say that
that’s what we do get from Aspect and we’re going to be strategic partners for a long time to come.

Website Development

This is what we do, taking your idea and translating it into coherent online experience.

Desktop Applications

We build applications that perfom. With a full team of developers working on cutting-edge solutions, we customize interactive development for every client.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the next step in connecting your business with your target audience no matter what device they are on. We can design, develop, and market your app to ensure growth for you and your brand.

Graphics Design

We bring ideas to real life with perfectly executed creativity. Our graphics designer happy to work with you.

Hosting And Domain

We provides hosting services plus Domain name of your website for affordable price.

Project Ideas

We share ideas with you and give you the way to acomplish it.


We analyze every aspect of your industry and apply our digital expertise to provide a roadmap for success

Our Works

Some of the works that we have done so far covering different platforms.
This is to say we are ready to work with you.

Joint Os

Swahili Operating System-Open source project


Social Network Solutions


Udom Online Voting

Online Election

Freecom media

Business Show Off, Get an app from google playstore.

About Us

Get to know us a little better, and read about what we do
how we do it and know the origin of our company.

Who Are We

Jengasoft is a software company that is formed by a team of conscientious and well skilled software and computer engineers. Our current team consist of people who all have a background in software and computer engineering.

The team is focused in software engineering. We constantly update ourselves with the changing software development technology that means, we can work with bleeding edge software and tools.

What We Do

Jengasoft is basically a well organized and highly focused technical team of development. Our primary focus is software engineering. We develop several software applications such as:

  • Websites
  • Desktop Apps
  • Mobile Apps

We also make software that helps integrate other systems. This implies to give the software the capability to use services from other systems in a simply and effectively way.

How Do We Do It

We as software's developers work in team as an agile and we use a modified version of SCRUM for project management.

Our technical team has a skills in System Analysis, Design (OOPs) and implementation using competent technologies and the best practices in software engineering.

Company Name

JengaSoft is constructed from two words jenga and soft where by each of them have a different meaning.

Jenga is a swahili word which means build, it represents services that our company offer to customers which is to build different product to them.

Soft is an abbreviation for the word software, It represents the kind of product that are offered to customers.Soft also represents the smooth way of delivering the product to customers, that means without difficult,problems or unexpected consequences and flexibility of the sofware product to modification.

To put it all together JengaSoft means building software that's why our slogan say "We build softwares for you" because that is what we are capable of.

Our Process

Need to know how we perform our work?
Then this is our way to accomplish the work which you give us.













Meet The Team

We'd like to think that we are the people you can enjoy
spending time with us and be trusted to achieve your business objectives.

Elisha Richard

Developer & Chief Financial Officer

Always believe in your self and work hard to achieve your goals

Mario Anthony

Developer & Chief Technology Officer

A nice part of friendship is to understand and be understood

Mohamed Abdallah

Developer & Chief Customer Officer

Time never stop do not waste your time

Timothy Anthony

Developer & Chief Administrative Officer

Work as a team for better performance

Goodluck F. Tairo

Developer & Chief Marketing Officer

Do not loose hope if you want to be successfully

Eurad Onesphory

Developer & Chief Product Officer

Be a good listener, you will get something out of it

Adam Nassango

Chief Design Officer

Be creative and perform at your best level

Our Skills





Our History

The history of Jengasoft started at university of Dodoma(UDOM), college of informatics in 2013 when eight second year students taking bachelor degree in Software engineering, Computer engineering and computer science had a vision to form a company .

So they could not hesitate to form a team and starting the business in 2014.


Jengasoft is a software company that is formed by a team of conscientious and well skilled software and computer engineers. Our primary focus is software engineering. We develop several software applications such as: Websites, Mobile Apps and Desktop Apps.
You can contact us via our mobile phone number 0677742374 or you can email us via our email: info@jengasoft.com

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Dar es salaam, near by Julius Nyerere International Airport
Phone: (+255) 677-742374